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When it comes to mobile phones, there are several great reasons why your business sho

What you might not know is that for business accounts, there's a type of tariff called a ‘sharer' that you could benefit from.

Alongside unlimited minutes and texts, Sharer tariffs enable businesses to use a ‘pool' of data that is shared across all business handsets.

Let's have a quick look at the benefits this could provide to your business...

The benefits of sharing

As individuals, our data usage varies month-to-month. Within a business with multiple phones, this variance is more obvious – some people using a lot or maxing out their data, while others don't use very much. As a manager this can be frustrating – wouldn't it be great if instead of buying more data, they can use someone else's unused allowance. That's exactly what a shared tariff does – offer a shared data pool, all combined into one bill that streamlines the cost management of your handsets.

Our sharer tariff is called proshare.plan and we built it with modern, agile businesses in mind. With unlimited1 shared minutes and texts as standard, and the option of adding a pool of data that includes jaw-dropping allowances of up to 1TB and 2TB, our sharer tariff is a market leader.

Why is sharing effective?

proshare.plan is built on a simple principle: Data you pay for but don't use goes to waste, so why not share it with others who need it?

Pooling data allowances into one collective plan ensures businesses are maximising their allowance, leaving less to waste but still enabling employees to work efficiently away from the office in a cost-effective manner.

Special treatment required?

Got a user who needs special treatment? Not a problem!

As an alternative to using the pooled data allowance, you also have the option to add fixed data allowances to individual handsets. This data is not shared with anyone else – ideal for people with specific data requirements. This makes our sharer tariff proshare.plan one of the most flexible options for a business.

Stay on the move

What if someone goes roaming abroad? We'll help you stay in control! Our sharer tariff allows you to add bolt-ons to individual handsets, helping you stay in control of costs whilst roaming.

Everything at your fingertips

As a customer you have complimentary access to my.plan, our industry-leading online portal. my.plan is built specially for business. The online portal gives you 24/7/365 access to your account, wherever you are.

my.plan delivers live usage information for each of your phones and devices connected through That means you can easily track and investigate all of your business's voice, text and data usage.

What are you waiting for?

So, as you can see there are many benefits to signing up to a sharer tariff and they are definitely worth considering. Start thinking about the bigger picture and make the most out of your mobile allowances. Your business will reap the rewards in no time. is the UK's fastest growing tech company, we offer and deliver a full range of affordable communication solutions to businesses in the UK. Visit for information about the services and products we offer.

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